Bespoke Glass Commissions

Wall panels, or free-standing designs are focal points that bring colour, light and beauty to any space. I am extremely passionate about the commission work I undertake; it is a real privilege to create a personal piece of glass-art for a customer.

I am happy to work with you to develop a step-by-step approach, which will ensure you are involved. Using a combination of theme, colour schemes as well as a combination of our creative ideas, to ensure a visually attractive and individual outcome is created.



Please contact me for  further details on commission work.

Commission Piece


3 Circle Commission

I worked closely with the customer to ensure the colour palette and design were what she wanted for her beautiful Art Nouveau styled room.

The pattern was taken from a loose water colour that I designed, when I received photographs of the room.

Three beautiful wall circles were created using layers of quality clear and grey sheet bullseye glass. I then used layers of glass powders to give depth, texture, light and shade. The glass was then fused in the kiln several times at complex schedules to ensure that bubbles were created, while texture remained, and the glass had a smooth glossy finish.

They will be hung with stainless steel floating brackets, to give space between the wall and glass.

The customer was thrilled with the finished pieces, and I am happy that she now has a unique display of bespoke glass art, to bring light colour and beauty to her home.

Triptych- 3 60x40 Panels

This beautiful, detailed triptych commission, was created using two layers of quality bullseye glass and several layers of glass powders, in a subtle but stunning colour palette.

Many layers of powder and complex fusing schedules were used to create this  artwork.

The image doesn’t fully capture the true beauty of this piece. The changes in natural light and angle, cause the image to change dramatically. The fine attention to detail, can only be truly appreciated when you see the work up close.

Field Of Poppies - Retirement Gift

This framed panel was commisioned as a retirement gift, for a school teacher. Her last project with her learners was WW ll. The shool children created some beautiful work, so her collegues thought a field of poppies would be appropriate.


Poppy Commission Piece