Where Flowers Bloom 30x20cm SOLD


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This 30x20cm frame is set with a valley landscape. The image is made from thousands of tiny dots.

All Fairlandglass is created freehand, so no two pieces are the same.  Using the beauty of nature and the land and seascapes that surround us, to inspire my individual designs.

Each piece has been designed, cut and layered with glass medium, then fused in the kiln. The complex schedules used ensure that the texture within the glass remains, while a smooth gloss finish is achieved to the surface. The layers, colour, depth and detail in each piece of glass, can’t be fully appreciated from an image. It’s natural light that brings it to life and shows the true beauty.

Panels come in a variety of sizes and can also be commissioned, if you would like something more personal for you and your home.

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